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FAQ 常見問題

The Answers You Need 有問有答

Can I marry in Australia if I am not an Australian permanent resident or citizen?
我不是澳洲永久居民或公民, 能否在澳洲註冊結婚?

Definitely.  As long as you:

  1. are at marriageable age

  2. are not legally married to another person

  3. follow the marriage procedures

​絕對可以, 只要你:

  1. 達結婚年齡

  2. 沒有跟另一位人士仍有有效婚姻註冊

  3. ​根據結婚程序註冊

Can my ceremony be conducted in Cantonese/Mandarin?

Sure. Tury speaks Cantonese and Mandarin and will be able to conduct the ceremony in Cantonese/Mandarin and/or English as you wish.
當然。Tury 能說廣東話及普通話, 可以隨你意願, 以廣東話/普通話, 及/或英語替你進行儀式。

If I married my partner in another country before, do we still need a wedding ceremony in Australia?
若我與伴侶曾在另一國家註冊結婚, 我們仍須在澳洲舉行婚禮儀式嗎?

If you have married your partner in another country, you do not need to have another wedding ceremony in Australia as you are considered as legally married.  Nevertheless, you can still choose to have a vow renewal ceremony for your family and friends to witness your commitment.
若你與伴侶已在另一國家結婚, 你們就不須要在澳洲舉行結婚禮儀, 因為你們已被視為合法結合。不過, 你們仍可選擇舉行一個承諾重申的儀式, 讓摰愛親朋見證你們的承諾。

Can we marry at our local beach or my grandparents' backyard?

Absolutely.  You can pick a place of your choice for your big day as long as it is in Australia.
當然可以, 只要是在澳洲境內, 你可以隨意選擇任何地方作為你大日子的地點。

Do we still need to register our marriage at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages after our wedding?
舉行結婚儀式後, 我們仍須要到生死及婚姻註冊處登記嗎?

As Tury is a Commonwealth Authorised Marriage Celebrant, her solemnised marriage for you will be legally valid and she will register your marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
由於 Tury 是一位澳洲聯邦認可的婚姻禮儀司, 她給你主持的儀式, 已具法律效力;她亦會將你們的婚姻登記到生死及婚姻註冊處。

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